Our Next Meeting is Wednesday, May 24

NAB Wrap Up

SBE members in attendance at the annual 6-day Las Vegas National Association of Broadcasters Convention will condense the event in a series of short presentations. There will be plenty of slides and photos of the interesting high points and general review of the mood and future direction of broadcasting. You can bring a laptop with a VGA output (bring any adapters needed to get a VGA output). Tom can also accommodate HDMI or a USB stick if you would like to share your NAB experience with the chapter.

Due to the ongoing construction of the new WMTV broadcast facility, parking will be limited to the Forward Drive Street. Tom reminds us we are not to park in the reserved spaces normally occupied by the news vehicles.

Dutch Treat Dinner at 5:30 PM
Babe's Bar & Grill
5614 Schroeder Road
Madison, WI

Meeting and Program at 7:00PM
WMTV Studios
615 Forward Drive

Visitors and Guests Always Welcome

2017 Summer Engineering Workshop Agenda

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