Our Next Meeting is Tuesday, July 25th

Tower EIA/TIA RS222 Code G Update

Edge Consulting Engineers, Inc., located in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin will give us a presentation on some of the changing codes and guidelines that will impact SBE members with respect to structural and construction standards for towers. In addition, we would like to reflect on some practical measures to assist SBE members to navigate these regulations and protect the long-term interest of their infrastructure. The following is an outline of topics we will address:

- Overview of consensus standards that impact the industry: NATE, TIA, ANSI
- Discussion of the replacement of TIA-1019
- Discussion of TIA-322: Loading, Analysis, and Design Criteria Related to the Installation, Alteration and Maintenance of Communication Structures (effective 1/1/2017)
- Discussion of ANSI A10.48: Criteria for Safety Practices with Construction, Demolition, Modification and Maintenance of Communication Structures
- Discussion of TIA-222-G: Structural Standard for Antennas Supporting Structures and Antennas
- Overview on how tower owners can manage, protect and preserve their infrastructure

Dutch Treat Dinner 5:30 PM
Culvers Frozen Custard
2102 W. Beltline (north frontage road)
Madison, WI
(no reservation - just gather together)

Meeting and Program at 7:00 PM
Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Center
3319 W. Beltline Hwy
Madison, WI

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