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Our Next Chapter Meeting: Wednesday, Mar 28th

Nominations / Audio and Video Recording on Location

This month we will meet at the offices of Sound Devices. During the business meeting we will solicit nominations for this year's Chapter elections. Then John Tootles of Sound Devices will handle our program.

Sound Devices is a Wisconsin-based manufacturer of audio recorders, audio mixers, and video recorders used for television and film production. Their audio products are the worldwide standard for production dialog and sound effects recording and mixing in the field. Their PIX video recorders are used both on-camera and in the studio for file-based video recording. In this presentation Sound Devices will provide an overview of techniques and tools used in production sound for television and film.

Dutch treat dinner at 5:30 pm
Chipotle Mexican Grill
8422 Old Sauk Road
Madison, WI

Meeting and program at 7:00 pm
Sound Devices
1111 Deming Way
Madison, WI

Visitors and guests are welcome!

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