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Our Next Meeting:
Wednesday, October 12th

War Stories

by Jeff Welton, Nautel
This should be a lively one. We'll throw up some shots of the "best of the worst." It's stuff that has been encountered in the wild and that could "use a bit of TLC." Hopefully we'll be able to collectively come up with ideas and thoughts on how to improve facilities without breaking the budget in the process - because we all know that budgets typically aren't getting a lot bigger! These days, with fewer people carrying more responsibilities, it's easy for radio station temporary to become the norm, rather than the exception. Sometimes, that might be acceptable, others it's definitely not. So, let's have some fun discussing some of our war stories and what we learned from them.

6:00 PM - At the Broadcasters Clinic
Madison Marriot West
1313 John Q Hammons Drive
Middleton, WI
Meeting will be in the Conference Center

2022 Broadcasters Clinic Agenda Released

The 2022 Broadcasters Clinic is taking place at the Madison Marriot West in Middleton October 11 thru 13. Click Here to view the session agenda and registration information.

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Woodward Radio Group CE
WISC TV, Broadcast Engineer
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