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Our Next Meeting:
Wednesday, October 11th

All Chapter Meeting at the Broadcasters Clinic
Madison Marriott West Conference Center
1313 John Q Hammons Dr, MadisonWisconsin

Special start time of 6pm

Quality and Consistency of LED Fixtures for Cameras
by Jim Uphoff, Entertainment Fixtures Product Manager at ETC

With so many options, how do you decide which LED fixtures to use on set? After all, quality lighting makes a world of difference when working in a broadcast setting. You want your lighting fixtures to create natural warmth in skin tones, have options to change the mood of the setting, and provide ultimate brightness without sacrificing color. In addition to all that, you need consistent, reliable output. In this session, ETC Entertainment Fixture Product Manager, Jim Uphoff will discuss the science behind additive LED color mixing, and the importance of factory-calibrated fixtures. By the end you'll know how to critically compare and select fixtures for each project and understand the core concepts of light and color manipulation for cameras.

NOTE: An ETC Factory Tour will be conducted after the program
Starting at 7pm
Electronic Theatre Controls
3031 Pleasant View Rd, Middleton, WI

2023 Broadcasters Clinic Agenda Released
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