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Wednesday, February 22nd

Nominations and
Broadcast Test & Measurement solutions for ATSC 3.0

by Eddy Vanderkerken of Sourcerer

NextGenTV is upon us, and ATSC 3.0 transmitters using OFDM are steadily being introduced next to the existing 8VSB systems in ATSC 1.0. So once more, just as when the existing analog Test & Measurement instruments became largely obsolete with the advent of digital TV, most TV stations are not equipped to deal with the new ATSC 3.0 signal.

Therefore we will look into the newest Test & Measurement instrumentation that has come to the US market for different purposes: field testing, portable analyzers, 24/7 compliance monitoring or for installation and commissioning. We will discover the silver lining in the necessity to invest yet again in new Test & Measurement equipment.

This meeting will be virtual
Meeting space details will be released via the
Chapter email group in the days preceding the meeting

Visitors and guests are welcome!

Nominations are Open

The Chapter 24 Nominations Committee is up and running for 2023 which means nominations for the 2023 Chapter Officers are now being accepted. Any member in good standing can nominate another member in good standing with their knowledge.

Officer descriptions are in Article V of the Chapter By Laws on the web site.

Nominations are open until our March 23rd meeting. The election will be held electronically April 1st through our April 26th meeting. The changeover to new officers happens at our May 25th Chapter meeting.

Kevin Ruppert, Eric Schwierske, and Leonard Charles are serving on this year's nominations committee. Please forward any nomination to any one of them and they'll take it from there.

Job Openings
WMTV TV, Broadcast Engineer
WKOW PT MC Operator

Articles of interest can be emailed to the Webmaster.
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